Kristen Stewart gained a lot of recognition (and really gained her stardom) from playing the main character of the Twilight movie series. Because of this movie series Stewart became known as an attractive and desirable young woman because the main character she played was in a love triangle with a supposedly sexy vampire and a supposed heartthrob werewolf. As a result of this movie many adolescent girls wanted to be just like her, and many young men began to view her as an ideal love interest. Yet, if you look closely at Stewart you’ll find that she went through feminizing surgery during her youth in order to attain a feminine enough look to get staring roles, such as the main role in the Twilight movie series. Please notice in this side-by-side photo the surgical work Stewart has had on her face to make her look more feminine. The right side of this photo shows Steward during the time when the Twilight movie series was current. On the left side of the photo we see an image is Stewart at a younger age. The person that uploaded this side-by-side photo online was trying to point out the obvious nose job Steward had at a very young age, and that’s why this person entitled the photo “Nose Job.” However, if you look very closely you’ll also notice that Steward also had the sides of her jawline shaved in order to make her jaw look less square and to emphasis her chin in order to give her a more feminine look. Also, you will notice that on the right side of the photo Stewart has a very prominent frontal midsection of her neck (not really an Adam’s apple, but the part of her neck that an Adam’s apple usually develops on a male during his later adolescence). In practically ever photo of Stewart when she was younger has this noticeable, masculine feature; but this feature does not appear in many, if any, images of Stewart when she is older. So, either this feature has been surgically changed, or it has been airbrushed off of her photos using Photoshop.

This is a photo of Stewart at a very young age. Please notice that she could easily pass for a little boy in this photo. She is prepubescent here, so we wouldn’t expect her to show a lot of secondary sexual characteristics of either sex, yet she already has very large ears, a relatively large brow ridge and nose bridge in this photo despite the fact that she is so young and supposedly a female. Haven’t you seen many young boys that look almost identical to her here?




Here is another image of Stewart during the making of the movie Panic Room. Couldn’t she pass for a boy? 15 Nov 2001, New York, New York, USA — Jodie Foster and co-star Kristen Stuart during thefilm shoot for David Fincher’s ‘Panic Room’ in Central Park. — Image by © ROSS FRANK/CORBIS SYGMA

In the previous photo I shared of Stewart she looks to be somewhere around 11 years old (approximately 9-11 years of age). In this photo of Ryan Gosling and Justin Timberlake, they appear to be between the ages of 11-14 (I’m guessing they are probably 12 or 13). Anyway, Steward appears to be as masculine looking as these two boys, even though she seems to be a slightly younger female.

Let’s take a look at Stewart when she is a few years older than she was in the previous childhood photo above. Even though she is older, she still hasn’t gained a feminine look. It could be that she hasn’t started puberty yet because she is a late bloomer and that’s why doesn’t look feminine yet. Or, it could be that she is a young boy who hasn’t reached puberty yet. After all, boys reach puberty at an older age than girls. Also, if Stewart was born a male, he may have been receiving injections to prevent him from going into puberty in order to prevent him from taking on an even more masculine appearance. By the way, this is a photo of Stewart from the movie called Panic Room.

Please take another look at the photo of Stewart above and then this picture of Ryan Gosling when he is about the same age as she was in her photo. Doesn’t she look every bit as masculine as he does?

Here is Stewart in another photo taken of the same movie. Notice her masculine-looking brow bone, which is unusual for a young girl. She also had a rather large nose at this age. There are spots on the internet where people talk about this movie called Panic Room and they debate about what gender the child in the movie is. So, I am not the only person that noticed how masculine this young girl looked.

Here is Stewart again, in the same movie. Look at how long this child’s jaw is. Does this really look like a girl?

Here is another image of Stewart from the same movie. She does look a little more feminine in this photo, yet her nose looks very large for a girl’s nose.

This is a photo of Stewart when she is 14 1/2 years old. Does this look like a young teenage girl?

I have seen other teenage girls with this short hairdo, yet none of them look as masculine as Stewart does here.

Here is Stewart again at a few years older. She still looks very masculine. Notice her brow ridge. Also, she has her large neck covered in this photo.

Stewart has always claimed she is a tomboy and feels more comfortable dressing and acting like a male instead of a female. Even after receiving feminizing surgery, and having make-up on she still looks relatively masculine.

This seems like more than just a tomboy stage that Steward has. It seems she really wants to be viewed as male.

Stewart likes to joke around and pretend she is a male, as she is doing in these photos. However, it goes further than just occasional joking, because in her day to day life she likes to dress as a male too.

See, this is an image of Stewart while she is not making a movie or taking funny photos. She ws hanging out with her friends when paparazzi took this photo of her.

She dresses like a male more often than she dresses like a female.

In fact, Stewart does so well at using the androgynous look that she is often depicted in this gender bending way in modeling photos.

This hair style is considered unisex. However, Stewart looks like a male with it, and I believe that’s what she likes about it.

Here is another photo of Steward as an androgynous person. The make-up makes her face look more feminine, but it is easily noticed that this is supposed to be a gender-bending photo.

Here is another gender-bending photo from the same photoshoot. Please notice that they gave her a very oversized suit so that she would look smaller and more feminine. Yet, if they gave her a more fitter suit I doubt anyone would be able to tell that Stewart is a woman, and I think that is because she is biologically a male.

Here is Stewart again in this gender-bending photoshoot. She looks like a relatively handsome young man here, but with the make-up she looks slightly feminine. If you took the make-up away, would you know this is supposedly a women? I’d assume it was a young man.

Here is Stewart in two different photos that have been photoshopped to look like they were taken together. In this photo she is supposed to be her own love interest since she is playing both the male and female in this photo. She looks more believable as the male than the female to me.

Here is a similar photo of her. Where are her lady curves? Oh that’s right, she doesn’t have any.

In this photo Stewart is playing the role of the male and the female. Which does she look more natural as, the male or female? I think she looks more natural s the male, because of her jawline and large ears. Please keep in mind, that her natural nose is much wider than her nose is here, and her jawline was even shaved down, before this photoshoot ever took place; so, her natural, non-surgically enhanced face was much more masculine than it is in this photo.

Here is an image of Stewart from one of the Twilight movies. Does this look like the beautiful woman she is commonly said to be? Look at her hairline, her jaw, her brow bone, and ears. Is this really a female?

Even at her most feminine, Steward still doesn’t have womanly curves whatsoever. Where is her waist? Where are her hips? She has manly legs too.

Where Is her waist? Where are her hips? Her shoulders are larger than her hips too.

Stewart’s face looks more feminine here, in my opinion (probably because of all the make-up she is wearing here). But, her body looks more masculine than ever! She looks like a man in drag here.

Stewart especially looks manly here, despite her feminine hair, make-up, jewelry, and blouse. This is a huge jaw for a female!

Take a look at her massive shoulders here! (LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 12: Actress Kristen Stewart arrives at the premiere of Summit Entertainment’s “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on November 12, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images))

Stewart is also bisexual, and has claimed to be more of a lesbian than straight. She has dated several women, including the one in this photo. Stewart has said she has often been confused about her gender and sexual identity. She also likes to go by the name Jaymes instead of Kristen. She goes through phases where she is male and stages where she feels female. She claims she “was a boy” when she was young and that girls use to tease her and they wouldn’t play with her because of it. She claims that the teasing didn’t bother her too much, but the fact that they wouldn’t play with her did because she felt lonely. I think the other kids didn’t like Stewart because they knew she was boy living as a girl and they thought it was weird. Every time Steward has told reporters interviewing her that she “was a boy” they try to correct her and say “tomboy,” but she always corrects them as says she “was a boy.”





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