Miss Burbank 1948 

Miss or Mister?  Dame or DudeMommy or DA DA?

I’ve never met ‘any’ Sweet Sixteens’ with Adams Apples.  Have you?  


Mary Frances Reynolds and her family moved to Burbank, Ca in 1939. In 1948 the sixteen-year old high school student won the Miss Burbank beauty contest, and the hearts of Warner Brothers who gave ‘Dub’ a contract and a new all American nickname, “Debbie”.  This put the teenager on the fast track to stardom with a career in Music, Cabaret, Stage, and Film spanning from 1948 to 2016.

Just because ‘Dub’ wanted a white silk blouse and green scarf (s)he got 68 years of fame and fortune to boot.  It sounds like another little ‘rags to riches story’, right?  Well, maybe not.

Reynolds ‘bloodline’..  http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/bloodlines/reynolds.htm and http://whale.to/b/sp/blood.html

Mary Frances Reynolds was born on April 1, 1932, in El Paso, Texas, to Maxene “Minnie” (née Harman) and Raymond Francis “Ray” Reynolds, a carpenter for the Southern Pacific Railroad.[11] She was of Scottish-Irish and English ancestry[12] and was raised in a strict Nazarene church. She had a brother two years her senior,[13] and Reynolds was a Girl Scout, once saying that she wanted to die as the world’s oldest living Girl Scout.[14] Her father was a ditch digger and her mother took in laundry for income, while they lived in a shack on Magnolia Street, in El Paso.[13] “We may have been poor,” she said, “but we always had something to eat, even if Dad had to go out on the desert and shoot jackrabbits.”





Please notice the 0:09 mark how ‘Male’ straight Debbie Reynolds was at the ripe age of ’25’, This movie was made in 1957, and this full grown woEman, who supposedly had one child already, looks more like a board straight teen male.  The male interest in this movie has a soft sloping female jawline that is a traditional female trait that can be accomplished through surgery for the MTF.  Scroll down the page for their menu of services…  http://www.chet-plasticsurgery.com/

To view differences in the TWO genders click below




First .. You can see Ms Reynolds flashing the ‘Devil Horns’, and daughter Carrie saying Sh-ssh with finger over her mouth.

The above video produced by Russianvids discusses the current ‘narrative’ regarding the death of Carrie fisher, and mother Debbie Reynolds.  I have often thought the funerals for the rich and famous were just ‘grand retirement celebrations’ allowing their peers, and the duped public, to lavish praise for a career well done much like civilians would receive the proverbial ‘gold watch’ after a 30+ year stint in a business. 


Mary Frances ‘Debbie’ Reynolds the early years

Straight male frame, wide male face, eyes set far apart, high cheekbones, bulging trachea, left shoulder dipping down left and hip ‘cocked’ out to give illusion of a small female waist.


Here we see the male hairline .. almost receding, large high cheekbones and very square male jaw. The male in this picture actually has more female facial features then ‘Dub’. They BOTH can’t have ‘female’ eyebrows with Dub’s going almost down to the outer eye area!



Uber large forehead, male receding hairline, eyes that are set far apart, large nose, and high cheekbones. This was probably before Rhinoplasty.


Board Straight male physique! Are those shoulders wider than the hips?


Very mannish features. Square jawline, hunky arms.


Debbie is ‘showing and telling’ a large bulging trachea, eyes too far apart, and high cheekbones, and possibly a little work already being done on that previously square male jawline. The shoulders would support three widths of the head.


Again, a large Trachea, so much space between the eyes, and the head would fit three times across the shoulders. Looks like there has been a little Rhinoplasty since Dub started acting.



Even with all the colorful makeup I see a male staring back at me.


It’s really difficult to believe that ‘men’ still believe this is a real woman. Wide big face,square male jaw, high cheekbones and painted on eyebrows with wide set eyes.


Big Faced Tranny


“Dub’s” first marriage to Eddie Fisher in 1955 was short lived ending in 1959.  The famous couple were proud parents to Carrie born October 21, 1956 (1956-2016), and son Todd born February 24, 1958.

21, 1926 Actress Debbie Reynolds and singer Eddie Fisher .. married. Facials features make it hard to know which is the bride or groom.


Dub’s Adam’s apple is larger than the husbands. It’s normal for real woman to have large protruding Trachea’s, RIGHT?


“Dub” holding his first child, Little Cary…


A young mother with a square male jaw and large bulging trachea playing with her daughter?



‘Dub starred in ‘Meet Me In Las Vegas’ released 3/9/1956, starred in ‘The Catered Affair’ released 6/14/1956, gave birth to Carrie 10/21/1956, starred in ’Bundle of Joy’ released 12/19/1956, starred in ‘Tammy and the Bachelor’ released 6/14/1957, gave birth to Todd Fisher 2/24/1958, and starred in ‘The Happy Feeling’ released 6/18/1958.

The above picture is just 3 months post baby Todd’s birth in ‘The Happy Feeling’ . Wow!

How do these female actresses lose the “baby weight” so fast? Another of Life’s Miracle, Huh?



Maybe Edwina Fisher left Dub because his Trachea was bigger than MTF Elizabeth’s.


Later years after the square male jawline has been completely smoothed out …

This looks like a Freemason hand sign. Reynolds is one of the ’13’ Bloodline names.



Before! Eyes almost across the room from each other. LOL


After! Cosmetic illusion? Miracle?


Bulging Trachea Gone!
Square male jawline Gone!

Dub, with square male jaw gone! Bulging trachea gone! Eyes are closer together. Wow, this only happens in Fairy Tales, OR through surgeries.


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