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Care2 Petition

Help Sophie and other children affected by mental illness

Sophie is just ten years old and she’s started hearing voices. Like thousands of other children in the UK, Sophie suffers from a mental illness — and she needs your help.

More studies on mental illness could help children like Sophie lead fuller, more successful lives. Please urge the government to prioritise this life-changing research by signing this important new petition.

To protect the privacy of Sophie and her family, we’ve changed her name and aren’t using her real photo, but the fact remains: Sophie is a real little girl who needs you to speak out today.

One in 10 UK children ages 5 to 16 struggles with a diagnosable mental health problem. Yet the vast majority of these kids — 70 percent of them — do not receive the help they need.

Right now, far too too many families are left to battle mental illness without effective treatment for their children. Without the right kind of help, children’s performance at school, social interactions and home life can all suffer.

Will you take just 30 seconds right now to speak out for Sophie and thousands of other children across the UK who stand to benefit from improved research on mental illness?

Make your voice heard. Add your name to this petition and a message will be sent on your behalf calling for the government to boost research on children’s mental health issues.

As always, thank you for taking the time to show you care.


Care2 Petition

Young people’s mental health can’t wait. Take action now.

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There’s a serious health condition affecting our children – but no one is talking about it.

Mental health problems aren’t always easy to spot. But they can be even harder to talk about, and 7 out of 10 young people with a mental health problem don’t receive sufficient help at an early age.

It’s time we brought mental health into the light. Will you stand with us and tell your government to prioritise children’s mental health?

The government is doing a disservice to your children by not tackling mental health problems early on. Many young people suffering from mental health problems grow up feeling worried, isolated, and pained, and mental health problems are widespread: 1 in 4 people will be affected by mental illness each year.

Lawmakers must dedicate more time, research, and funding to children’s mental health. You can help young people struggling with mental illness by signing this petition.

Thank you for making a difference.





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