Ian Robert Astbury (born 14 May 1962) is an English singer and songwriter best known as the lead vocalist for the rock band The Cult.

The Cult have been a postmodern rock band active since 1983. Their first album, Dreamtime was released in 1984, and followed by Love in 1985. Love featured the single “She Sells Sanctuary“, which introduced the band to an international audience. Many songs of these early albums focus on Native American themes, a pre-occupation of Astbury.


Ian Astbury on right


Similar to many FTM performers, Astbury was light on her feet and a very good dancer. Astbury’s adopted a clothing style that had two purposes: (1) to portray herself as a flamboyant male, and (2) to disguise an hour glass figure. This became more important in later years when weight gain often becomes an issue. Even so, to the trained eye, hints of Astbury’s feminine form can be detected in photos


Astbury, 2nd from right, shows thighs that are much thicker than other band members

An early photo showing Astbury’s high waistline and feminine thighs. Astbury also has a slightly larger than 2.5 to 1 head shoulder ratio (about 2.75 to 1).













Feminine fat distribution in thighs and hint of hips also showing here

Wide hips and an hourglass figure shows through in spite of the suit



















In later years, Astbury took to wearing very loose clothing or sometimes a dress to help disguise her figure. At the same time, Astbury grew more facial hair and used symbols often associated with tough males, such as tattoos. 




Early career examples of Astbury’s feminine features and flamboyant clothing choices:


Angle in jawline is probably Photoshopped






Astbury has a very flat forehead, oval face shape, very feminine lips, small mouth, close-set eyes, little to no brow ridge, longer index than ring finger ration, sloping jawline, feminine hair and hairline, and a short neck. Astbury also had feminine mannerisms which she tried to disguise with over-exaggerated masculine stage movements and symbols such as the skull and crossbones used as accessories on belt buckles, hats and other clothing items







Astbury often posed with chin up to make the neck appear longer











Asbury also wore clothing low on the neck to make the neck appear longer



Extremely feminine facial features here





Astbury looks 100% female here




















Longer index to ring finger ratio. Short arms made more apparent with weight gain. Very short neck.


Flat forehead and short neck


With fellow FTM Ice-T. A beard often looks fake and unnatural on a feminine face, but tends to look more natural with age


Beefed up with hormones and steroids and tattooed up to look tough. Lips are still feminine however


In later years, Astbury often resembled another FTM, Michael Hutchence. For transvestigator.com article on Hutchence see here


Ian Astbury

Ian Astbury










Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence










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