From Blackie Lawless’ entry in Wikipedia:

“Blackie Lawless (born Steven Edward Duren; September 4, 1956) is an American songwriter and musician best known as the lead singer and rhythm guitarist (formerly bassist) for the heavy metal band W.A.S.P.

Duren was raised in Staten Island, New York City, New York. He had a fundamentalist Baptist upbringing, but has also claimed Jewish ancestry. He has said that he was “very active” in church as a youth and was born again at age eleven but in his late teens strayed from the church and became interested in the occult, but has returned to his Christian faith in recent years. He has Irish, French and Native American ancestry (his mother is reportedly one-quarter Blackfoot). He is the nephew of the late Major League Baseball pitcher, Ryne Duren. He credits his older brother with introducing him to the guitar.”



Blackie Lawless and W.A.S.P.


Lawless is the founder and lead vocalist for the heavy metal group, W.A.S.P., known for being one of the more “notorious” bands during the height of their popularity in the 80s and 90s. W.A.S.P. had several hit songs during the mid-1980s including “L.O.V.E. Machine”, ” I Wanna Be Somebody”, and “Wild Child. Lawless is known for outrageous theatrics featuring gore and torture, occultic symbolism, and sadomasochistic themes that rivaled those of Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne.

Before founding W.A.S.P., Lawless was a member of the New York Dolls, Circus Circus, Sister, and London – all well-known bands that also engaged in gender-bending and cross-dressing. Most fans probably assume that because Lawless’ appearance, antics, performances, music and lyrics with W.A.S.P. were so over-the-top and suggestive of violence, that (s)he must be a male. 


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On stage, Lawless portrayed an image of a crazed, dangerous, and bloodthirsty individual. Note the feminine facial features and hint of an hourglass figure in the far right photo below.










Lawless’ index finger is clearly longer than the ring finger.


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Lawless with Circus Circus in 1979/1980. Note the feminine facial features and the size and shape of the thighs and hips.


Lawless’ stage clothing, posing and gestures were often very feminine


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Lawless would at times seem more masculine than at other times, probably due to the cycle in male hormonal treatments. Note the large head and feminine features in the right-hand photo below.


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Lawless has a large head, small sloping shoulders, almost no muscle mass, and the hint of an hourglass figure. The body shape in the lower left photo looks especially female and it almost looks like Lawless is wearing a halter top.


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Although a bit fuzzy, Lawless’ body profile and stance, in the center, looks completely female.


Lawless has an oval face, round jawline, feminine nose, small mouth, large eyes, no A.A., and the arched eyebrows of a female.


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A very female look here





Would you identify this person as male if you didn’t know it was Blackie Lawless?


Male hips? Wearing low-waist trousers, the hips don’t appear to be very wide, but they don’t look very masculine either. Because of the elaborate clothing and a lack of off-stage photos, it’s difficult to determine hip to shoulder width. And because of the hair style, no side view of the jawline could be found.



The older Lawless gets, the more feminine looking (s)he becomes:


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