Journey, a rock band formed in San Francisco in 1973, is considered one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time. A 2005 USA Today opinion poll named Journey the fifth-best American rock band in history. Still active today, the band has gone through several personal changes, but achieved its greatest success between 1978 and 1987 with two of its most well-known members, Steve Perry (lead singer) and Niel Schon (lead guitarist). Although Schon briefly left to work on solo projects in 1987, s(he) later returned and is still with band as of 2016. Perry left the band more or less permanently to pursue a solo career in 1987, but returned briefly between 1995 to 1998, when the band again achieved another period of commercial success.

Journey. Steve Perry center and Neal Schon is fourth from the left


Known in the industry as “The Voice”, Steve Perry is famous for having a high voice range and sensitive singing style. Perry underwent successful hip replacement surgery in 1998.

Neal Joseph Schon is a guitarist and vocalist who was born at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. Schon has performed with or been a member of several well-known musical acts including Journey, Micheal Bolton, Santana, Bad English and many more. Schon remains an active member of Journey as of 2016.

First, let’s look at Steve Perry:

Perry’s face is very feminine with rounded jawline, small ears, tiny mouth, feminine lips, close-set eyes, small upper-lip area, female hairline and hair, pointed chin, and no brow-ridge.

Perry’s index finger and ring fingers appear to be even in most photos. Some photos seem to show an Adam’s apple, others don’t.


Large head size in relation to body, especially in the earlier years (before steroids/testosterone?). Perry often wore jackets on stage, presumably to hide his small shoulder size and make his head appear smaller.


Perry’s stage profile and posing was extremely feminine, almost like s(he) was flaunting it. Note the hips here. Looks like some smuggling going on too.

A very feminine looking Steve Perry


Looks like someone else was thinking the along the same lines and posted this obviously fake picture.


Perry looks like he needs a bra here. Perry wore his pants high on the waist, a clue to feminine hips. Compare Perry’s hips to the woman in the Calvin Kline photo ad to the right.

The hips and high waistline are similar to other FTMs like Bruce Springsteen and Randy Rhoads:

Bruce Springsteen

Randy Rhoads

More photos showing high waistline position of pants.


Perry often wore clothing styles with feminine colors, patterns and style on stage. Looks like breasts above too.


Recent photo of Perry. Although the face is wide, there is little if no brow-ridge, small mouth, ears etc. Looks like his upper lip may have been worked earlier to make it wider. The face seems wide, but that could be due to side effects of testosterone/steroid use over many years.

Fooled ya!


And now for Neal Schon:

Steve Perry and Neal Schon

Even more so than Perry, Neal Schon has gone through a lot of changes in appearance:

Large head, small mouth, female lips, short arms, sloping shoulders, female hairline, small ears, etc.

Waistline is so high, it’s above the guitar. Rounded jawline


Because he’s not really a male, Schon looked like a freak with a mustache.


Again, note the high waistline.

Steve Perry and Neal Schon. Very high waistline on Schon. Perry looks completely female here.


The ladies on stage. Schon sometimes wore bib overalls to hide his hips and look more manly.


At one time, Schon buffed up considerably, probably due to exercise/steroids/testosterone treatments.

Legs and hips look womanly here.


With age and weight, Schon’s short arms are more evident. His hips are also wide and he hides them with long jackets. He still has no Adam’s apple, a weak brow-ridge, womanly lips and mouth. Resembles Bruce Springsteen in a lot of photos.

A hint of Schon’s wide hips can be seen here. Like Steve Perry, he’s probably had some work done on his face to appear more masculine.


In 2013, Schon married Michaele Salahi. Strange spelling of the first name. Is that an Adams apple on Michaele?


Defined jawline on Micheale. Index finger looks shorter too.



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