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Saints of Philadelphia… I have changed some programs on the site to fix login issues. In my tests, all functions worked. **Please make sure you check your spam filter for password change and registration emails.  Looking for feedback on if it worked or there is more work to do! If you have difficulty logging in, changing password, or registering please complete form below.

The Lord brought to my attention this video. Please listen. There is a reason the devil has no power against closed and private church meetings. The saints of the early church met in closed door believers only meetings in houses. It is scriptural. The Holy Spirit directed me to close these sites to private Church Membership Sites in agreement with spiritual law for protection. Please watch the vid.  God bless you!

Apostle Laura Lee

Church of Philadelphia


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This website is a Kingdom Nation ministry of the Church of Philadelphia under the direct authority of the Lord Jesus Christ – God and King over all creation. This is a Church Membership Site for blood-bought, born-again saints of Philadelphia only.

We inspect the fruit and in agreement with all sound doctrine, we reject all unrepentant sinners who advocate, promote, support, or practice homosexuality or transgenderism for our church and site membership.God isn’t going to let unrepentant, unregenerate, and unconverted sinners into Heaven; and we likewise reject same for membership in this church. The true church of Jesus Christ on earth is comprised only those members who are truly citizens of Heaven in God in Christ.

God only lets people into Heaven who are born of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by true fruit of repentance in their lives: that they have confessed that they were sinners who needed a Savior; that show forth the fruit of agreement with God of what sin is and that sin is evil; and that believe with living faith unto rebirth and regeneration anew in Christ that Jesus Christ is God made a man (the only human being who is and was God) who died for our sins and rose again on the 3rd day.

This is a private Church of Philadelphia membership site only for blood-bought, born again Christians who also have the assurance of the Holy Spirit that they shall escape tribulation or have an earnest desire to do so as saints of Philadelphia.

If you meet our membership requirements, you are welcome to join our site to read posts and comments, and listen to vids.

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