I am by no means a fan of anything that has come from this ‘So called musical band’.  It must be the most toxic noise know to humankind, and such filth on their artwork via t-shirts etc showing such disdain for females.  IMHO!

My post today is on one particular prior member of the group ‘Guns N roses’ , Izzy Stradlin. I have never seen him, errr Her, before today.  In order to wake up I have my clock radio on the most obnoxious radio station and on L O U D  to annoy me to jump out bed and hit the STOP button.  Well, Izzy Stradlin was my wake up call so She’s IT for today.  

I wasn’t really surprised as I thumbed through all Her pictures on the ‘net because I have since learned that all he ‘UN’ entertainers are transgendered.  So, WooHoo, no big surprise here.

Stradlin was born Jeffrey Dean Isbell (or Is a Belle) on April 8, 1962 and is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.  His most infamous claim to fame is co-founder along with Axl rose of the hard rock band ‘Guns N’ Roses’. He was an active member of this group from 1985 and leaving at the height of its fame in 1991.  He was righteously rewarded for his Guns N’ Roses efforts by being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

He has since moved on in 1992-1994 with his band ‘Ju Ju Hounds’ and a brief first return stint to ‘GNR‘ and from 1995-2002 playing solo and then with band Velvet Revolver.  Deciding to go independent 2003-2010 and getting the ‘GNR‘ second CALL to do a special guest appearance in 2006.

Now, 2011-present Izzy has participated in several GNR concerts and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with other members of the GNR group in 2012.

Funny bit of information as the thought occurred to me that ‘ izzy Stradlin’ sounds as if you pronouncing ‘Is HE Straddling’ hence her new name, ‘IsShe Straddling’, is so apropos.

If you need the rest of the scoop on Izzy or  ‘IsSHE not Stradling’ just click the link right here →…http://Izzy Stradlin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Izzy_Stradlin


I think IsShe was the rose .. not the Gun...

I think IsShe was the rose .. not the Gun…

Members of group GNR's called Izzy 'Mr. Invisbile' buy maybe he just felt Underappreciated.

Members of group GNR’s called Izzy ‘Mr. Invisible’ but maybe IsShe just felt Underappreciated.


This is artist Tashin's perception of IsShe and it shows a female jaw.

This is artist Tashin’s perception of IsShe and it shows a female jaw.


More proof that Izzy is really IsShe …

A very young IsShe

A very young IsShe.

600full-izzy-stradlin (2) - Copy Izzy-izzy-stradlin-17306614-1131-707 izzy-stradlin-guns-n-roses-14725833-500-600

Notice the above center picture giving you the illusion of a Native American wearing a warbonnet headdress that’s really just a bandana scarf and some black lace over a floral background fabric.  Is IsShe channeling her inner Native American Princess?  This is an attractive female profile for sure.

I did not discover one photo that could have been construed as a male….. so we keep going with the evidence ..

Not manly. at. all are you IsShe?

Not manly, at all, are you IsShe?


Why so sad girly ? After all, you are so darn famous!

Why so sad girly ? After all, you are so darn famous!

Nothing like a little black lace to make you feel all IsShe!

Another artist perception of IsShe...

Another artist perception of IsShe…very feminine face.

GNRRevolutioncallingfront izzy_stradlin_by_black_eyes_20-d5qiv2c

Told you, All pictures of this individual are feminine… SO, we press on  .. 600full-izzy-stradlin - Copy 1988 - Copy 94842_guns-n-roses-slash-gnr-steven-axl_200s - Copy tumblr_mdovbbcT631rl311to1_1280 tumblr_mt5j9b1YMT1rmr9bdo1_500

IsShe Straddling's girlfriend, Desi Craft

IsShe Straddling’s girlfriend, Desi Craft

IsShe appears to have a ‘petulant or sullen personality .. IzzyStradlin21

Jeffrey Dean Isbell, Is a Belle’, you are Done and Dusted


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