While researching Sebastian Bach and other so-called “Rock Gods of Metal,” I came across several other possible candidates. David Coverdale is one of them. Rather than this article being in chronological order, it will flow more in the way it became apparent that Coverdale is a FTM transgender.



This is the image most people have of Coverdale


First, the preliminaries from Coverdale’s Wikipedia page:
“David Coverdale (born 22 September 1951) is an English rock singer most famous for his work with Whitesnake, the commercially successful hard rock band he founded in 1978. Before Whitesnake, Coverdale was the lead singer of Deep Purple from late 1973 to 15 March 1976, when he resigned from the band and established his solo career. A collaboration album with Jimmy Page, released in 1993, was a commercial and critical success. On 8 April 2016, Coverdale was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Deep Purple, giving one of the band’s induction speeches.

Coverdale was first married in 1974 to Julia Borkowski from Germany, and their daughter Jessica was born in 1978. Coverdale’s second marriage was to former model and actress Tawny Kitaen, from 17 February 1989 until they divorced two years later, in April 1991. Kitaen was known for her provocative appearances in Whitesnake’s music videos for “Here I Go Again”, “Is This Love” and “Still of the Night.” Since 1997, he has lived with his third wife, Cindy, an author (The Food That Rocks); they have one son named Jasper.



D1810C241 david-coverdale


Coverdale is a product out of the Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/Rainbow mold, bands out of England composed of serious and accomplished musicians with a reputation for refining the classic heavy rock sound. Coverdale left Deep Purple to form his own band, Whitesnake, in 1978. With Coverdale as its founder, leader and front-man, Whitesnake achieved its peak success in the mid-1980s and into the 90s, a time when most heavy metal bands had turned off mainstream audiences because of wild and immature behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, sloppy songwriting and performances, outlandish clothing and freakish makeup and hairstyles.

Coverdale and Whitesnake presented an alternative; a group of serious, experienced, and highly-skilled musicians of class and style, playing well-crafted songs of a powerful and melodic brand of heavy rock. Having a reputation as a disciplinarian and perfectionist, Coverdale is credited with developing Whitesnake into a well-groomed, polished and disciplined group that would not look out of place sipping fine wine in the finest restaurants.















Coverdale, indeed the perfectionist, has a public image as an individual of class, sophistication and culture who surrounds himself with the finest that life has to offer. Everything that Coverdale is involved with gets the Coverdale touch, whether it’s the stage presentation, promotional materials, the music, or the band members themselves. Coverdale not only demands the best from others, but also in herself/himself. Coverdale’s performances are well-planned and disciplined affairs and Coverdale almost always wears well-tailored, classically styled clothing with obvious attention to cut, pattern, color and other details.

Coverdale has now achieved legendary status is considered among the creme-DE-la-creme musicians in the music industry.



While researching I saw several recent photos of David Coverdale and was struck at how feminine he now looks. Below are some recent photos of Coverdale. Would you recognize this person as David Coverdale if you saw them on the street? What do you think this person would look like with a full beard?

David Coverdale Quotes-10

With FTM Jimmy Page





With Sammy Hagar. Does this look like a manly hug?



maxresdefault2 image_update4aaqsk







Curious, I searched for markers such as finger length. Although not definitive, fingers are something that can’t be altered with surgery. It certainly looked like Coverdale’s index fingers were indeed longer than the ring fingers in most photos (see above and following photos).

I then searched for early career photos and only found a few. What was found are shown below. There are perhaps about 12 photos in total.


96258020 hqdefault




The top two facial photos look particularly suspicious. I also found the photos below showing Coverdale’s body frame from about the same period as above.


de48c2b9-aba0-4a77-a5a3-294ca4f7e4c9-320x480 eed358ad-00cc-41e8-ba36-8aa6aed1f334 coverdale82

Look at the thighs and and hips. It’s starting to get even more suspicious.

And then I found these photos from an even earlier period:













The first and second photos above are looking more feminine in the face, but the third looks very feminine indeed. The index fingers are very long, the face looks completely feminine, and the hips and stance are feminine as well. Probably from a magazine or poster, Coverdale’s name appears on the bottom left of the photo.

Then I searched for boyhood photos and guess what? None exist. Even if they existed, they would automatically be suspect as faked or altered, as I have found so many times before.

Then I found this photo, another of the earliest that could be found:




The above photo looked feminine and I wondered if it was really Coverdale. I compared the above photo to the recent photo below:






It’s a match. The chin, nose, eyes, lips and facial outline are the same. Coverdale looks feminine now and he looked feminine then. The only difference is of course age, and it looks like Coverdale may have had some work done on the jaws to make them slightly wider directly on either side of the mouth.

So what happened in between these two periods? Coverdale was probably on massive doses of testosterone and steroids and his weight was kept down so fat could not accumulate where it would show up in females – in the thighs, breasts and hips/buttocks. Even so, Coverdale never really developed any muscle mass and he almost always wore high-waist trousers and covered his chest and midsection. While most people were thinking he was being stylish, Coverdale was insuring his “cover” by wearing untucked long sleeve shirts, jackets, vests, and so on. The few times that Coverdale didn’t wear bulky clothing, such as for a video or concert, was probably when the doses of male hormones were increased to a point where it would be “safe” for him to go shirtless or with tight fitting clothing for a short period of time. It probably took months or weeks to prepare for those events.

With Coverdale now retired or semi-retired and not required to be in the public eye as often, the testosterone doses have probably been reduced and Coverdale is reverting back to his natural state. As not to shock the public into asking questions, Coverdale makes appearances and is featured in the media from time to time so that any change is gradual and accepted more readily. Any further questioning of Coverdale’s appearance is explained away with “Plastic Surgery.”

I wondered about Coverdale’s jawline. It was difficult to find photos showing Coverdale’s jawline because of the long hair, but a few were found:


Whitesnake-01 54feb94824958c6


50415373 wh09



The jawline isn’t angular at all, it just slopes and isn’t very wide either. It looks a lot like FTM Keith Richards’ jawline. Also note that Coverdale has a large head, little to no brow bone, a feminine nose, a very small mouth, pouty lips, a feminine hairline, small ears, and a flat forehead. Could you imagine how strange a mustache would look on that face; especially now?

As mentioned before, if not wearing long sleeve untucked shirts or other loosely fitting upper body clothing, Coverdale almost always wore high-waist trousers, as did many other FTMs like Neal Schon and Steve Perry. Let’s look at some examples:


156026656_vintage-whitesnake-david-coverdale-87-t--shirt-1980s- 9k=




Below is one of the few examples of Coverdale without a shirt. He is even wearing low-waist trousers, which is unusual. Coverdale was probably uncomfortable doing this, but maybe it was required. I suppose the flowers tucked in the waist help to comfort somewhat and hide the location of that belly button. He doesn’t look comfortable either and looks quite feminine in the face. And this could well be a staged or retouched photo too. Why? Because the background looks like a backdrop, and other than the mike, there is no other stage equipment visible, no audience, and no band members in the scene. It’s possible that Coverdale has never appeared on stage shirtless; they just want to suggest that he did, so in that case, the photo is just propaganda. Also, it’s possible that Coverdale’s head was pasted on another body thus making the photo a complete fake. My guess is that the photo is fake.





Here are some examples of Coverdale’s typical stage clothing. There are lots of examples on the web to be found. These are late career photos. Note Coverdale’s thick thighs.






Here are a few photos showing Coverdale’s body reverting to its natural state. There are plenty of photos on the web showing this as well. Note the hip width in the first photo and the high buttocks in the second. Also, with weight gain, Coverdale’s short arms have become more obvious.


whitesnake-david-coverdale-08565d3b-8d77-48e5-87b9-e99c1583e8b1 475972444



What about Coverdale’s relationships? Some will say Coverdale was a lady’s man. Yes, Coverdale was married three times, to Julia Borkowski, Tawny Kitaen, and currently to Cindy. Guess how many pictures could be found of Julia Borkowski? One. Here is that photo below. Look at her jaw. That’s Coverdale on the right with the tranny beard.




What about Tawny Kitaen? Let’s take a quick look. That’s Kitaen when young on the left and in 2015 on the right. Note the obvious change in the facial shape and features, especially from square jaw to oval jaw and pointed chin. Plastic surgery. Look at that huge mouth. Kitaen is a MTF.




Just for kicks, I included this photo of Coverdale and Kitaen together. Coverdale is looking very feminine here. Looks like two girlfriends having fun. And look at their hands, they are flashing the devil’s horn sign.




Here’s a photo of Coverdale’s third and current wife, Cindy, on the far left.




Coverdale has a daughter, Jessica. Guess how many photos could be found? Only one set of photos, maybe six in total, taken at the same location on the same day. And even those photos are far from clear. Here is the best photo from that set showing Coverdale’s daughter, Jessica. That’s FTM Brian May on the far left. Note the long neck, adam’s apple, square jawline, big ears, and large mouth. Jessica also has wide square shoulders that can’t be seen in this photo.




Coverdale’s family and relationships are another rabbit hole that deserve a separate article. So this article is going to be called Part 1 and Coverdale’s family and relationships should be covered in a Part 2. If anyone wants to do Part 2, please do. I have other projects to research, so it may be awhile before I can get to it.


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