This is Seth Atwell. He is an androgynous model.

This is what the website Refinery 29 has to say about Seth Atwell: “At first glance, it’s difficult to label model Seth Atwell. And that’s the point. Self-identification isn’t supposed to fall into one category or another. Rather, it’s meant to express how we feel and see ourselves in the simplest sense. Atwell is an androgynous, gender-fluid star on the rise who has modeled for both men’s and women’s clothing labels. Most recently, Atwell walked in the Hood by Air show at New York Fashion Week, leaving showgoers to admire the incredible mix of masculine-meets-feminine physicality. Intrigued by Atwell’s ambiguity, photographer Gabrielle Revere, who specializes in intimate portraits, sought to capture Atwell’s true essence: that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. What she produced was a series, shot at Atwell’s home in Toronto that are not just incredibly striking, but add to a larger cultural conversation surrounding sex, gender, and the unrealistic beauty expectations set by society. Ahead, Revere opens up about blurring these lines — and how Atwell is just the person to do it.”

Seth Atwell.

Seth Atwell.

Seth Atwell. If you look closely, Seth has the lack of fa that most women have, and he has no hips or other curves most women have. But, Seth stands in a pose to the side to make it appear that is bottom is part of his hips. If you notice, most of the starlets in Hollywood use this pose. Real women often try to make their hips and bottom less noticeable, because these are the parts of our bodies that tend to be a little bigger than most of us like.

Seth Atwell.

Seth Atwell.

Seth Atwell.

Seth Atwell as a male.

Seth Atwell as a soldier.

This is a known androgynous model named Timothy Marcceau. He has a sweet-looking face like a young lady. But, he openly admits he is a male.

Timothy Marcceau again. It is more obvious that he is a male here.

Timothy Marcceau looks beautiful here. But, if you look loosely, he actually has very strong features like a handsome man, instead of having delicate, pretty features. Actually, this image looks a lot like the black and white images of Adele. But, Timothy Marcceau looks MORE feminine than Adele. I think this is because Adele is also a male, just one with larger features.

You see, Adele and Timothy Marcceau look alike. However, Adele (who is supposed to be a woman) has a thicker jaw, thicker cheek bones, and bigger brow bones than Timothy Marcceau (who isa known male that pretends he is a female for the fashion industry. I think they are both males. But, my main point in showing Adele here is to demonstrate how the way these models look influences the way we view what biological women should look like. I have actually seen pictures of Timothy Marcceau without realizing he was an androgynous male model, and I thought he was a female. So, when I saw Adele and thought she looked manly, I thought to myself–well maybe she just has big features like the model I saw. But at the time, I didn’t know that model was a KNOWN male.

Timothy Marcceau.


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