Whitney Elizabeth Houston (1963-2012) was a well-known singer, actress, and model who died under mysterious circumstances in 2012. Houston was cited as the most awarded female act of all time in 2009 by Guinness World Records.  With an estimated 170–200 million records sold worldwide, Houston is one of pop music’s best-selling music artists of all-time.

Whitney Houston was a cousin of famous singers Leontyne Price and Dionne Warwick, both of who may also be transgenders. Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, founded the group the Sweet Inspirations, a group that worked with many well-known musical acts including Elvis Presley, with whom they toured with and worked for as background singers. Houston’s father, John Russell Houston, Jr., was a Newark City (NJ) administrator and entertainment executive. Houston’s entire family, including both parents, were well-connected with the music industry well before Whitney was born.

Houston and her husband, Bobby Brown, have both been mentioned as being transgenders. Bobby Brown should also be investigated, but that will not be covered in this post.

Below are some photos of a young Whitney often used as evidence that Houston was a MTF transgender:

Without pigtails, this could be mistaken for a boy.

More feminized, but seems to have a faint male look.


Male clothing. Triceps muscle visible. faint bulge in neck, and flat chin.


Again male clothing. Body seems somewhat masculine as well as the stance.











Although the previous photos appear somewhat masculine, the hairline, lack of an eyebrow-ridge, concave nose, rounded jawline, small ears, and flat forehead look female.The nose seems flat in some photos and more narrow in others. The chin is flat at the end and the eyes are wide apart and narrow, which are male characteristics.


Without makeup, the facial features mostly look female. There is however, a bulge in the neck, the jawline is somewhat angular, flat chin, and the clothing is male. Note point on upper part of inner ear.


Then there are more feminine-looking photos of a young Houston:

Looks like Houston here

The above photo is labeled as Houston, but possibly due to the sun, an eye-brow ridge can be seen, hairline and nose look slightly different. Point on upper inner ear is visible.

Also looks like Houston


This photo was used at Houston’s funeral. Side profile shows feminine characteristics: jawline, small concave nose, forehead, head shape, hairline, eye-brow region, etc. Seems completely female. Point on upper inner ear is there. Seems to mostly match photo above with crossed striped shirt and upturned collar.


A child photo from 1965. Body looks female, face mostly female, but face could be mistaken for male without the pigtails. Nose, mouth and ears seem large. Is this the pose of a two year old?

Houston’s appearance does seem to have changed a lot over the years. Let’s look at some body images from her youth:

Looks very feminine and curvy here. Pointed inner ear is visible.


Doesn’t appear feminine at all in these photos. The back seems straight and not as curved as in the previous photo. Lanky boyish appearance in the face and body that seems to match the body shape in many of the earlier photos. Very square shoulders.


This pose seems feminine and natural. The hips are thrust backward when shoulders are held back. Seems like that would be difficult for a MTF to emulate, although back from waist up seems mostly straight. Body isn’t thin and lanky. Would anyone guess that this was Whitney Houston without being told that it was? Are we seeing Photoshop at work here?


Looks mostly female here too, but with a slight boyish quality. Houston had square and broad shoulders, the head to shoulder ratio was 3 to 1 in adulthood. Also the elbows seem horizontal with the waist indent, with the belly button at or below the waistline, which is a female characteristic. If looking only from the upper chest up, this could be mistaken for a male. Again, would anyone guess that this was Whitney Houston without being told it was? Pointed inner ear is visible here too.


From a 1982 portrait session. Although the features look mostly female, there seems to be an overall male quality. Looks like a drugged male with makeup.


With music producer Clive Davis in 1985. Houston would be 22 years old here. Clothing, straight shoulders and posture lean towards male, but face looks female except for the chin. Bulge in throat is visible. Why is Houston often pictured with male clothing in youth?


A slim and feminine looking Whitney Houston early in career

No bulge in throat



With Micheal Jackson. Why are Whitney’s fingertips and forearm discolored?

No longer a bulge in throat




















Whitney Houston as most know “her”


St. Barts, 1993. Shoulders are very square and wide. Whitney would be about 30 years old here.

St. Barts, 1993. Is this really a female body?











St. Barts, 1993. Is Bobby Brown hiding wide hips? Side view of Whitney’s face looks somewhat male. Is that a female body we are looking at?


If the below photos are really of Whitney Houston during her drug use stage, (s)he seemed to become very masculine looking during that phase.


Whitney seems to have gone from somewhat androgynous as a child, to feminine as a teen, to lanky and boyish as a late teen/young adult, to feminine in early career, to masculine during the drug usage period, and then back to feminine again.

A possible answer is that Whitney was an unwilling transgender, and changed his/her mind over the years. If estrogen treatments were stopped, that would explain why Whitney became more masculine in early adulthood and during the drug abuse period and hence needed to be removed from the scene for not going along with the program.


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