Alison Margaret Arngrim (born January 18, 1962, New York City) is a Canadian-American actress, comedian and author. Beginning her television career at the age of twelve, Arngrim is a Young Artist AwardFormer Child Star “Lifetime Achievement” Award honoree, best known for her portrayal of Nellie Oleson on the NBC television series Little House on the Prairie from 1974 to 1981. 


Arngrim’s father, Thor Arngrim, was a Canadian-born Hollywood manager. Her mother, Norma MacMillan of Vancouver, British Columbia, was an actress who provided the voices for characters as Casper on Casper the Friendly Ghost, as Gumby on Gumby, as Davey on Davey and Goliath, and Sweet Polly Purebred on Underdog, as well as other animated children’s programs. Her brother, Stefan (b. 1955) was also a child actor, perhaps best known for his role as Barry Lockridge on the Irwin Allen science fiction television series, Land of the Giants.[1] Arngrim has claimed that her brother sexually molested her from age six until nine.[2]

Allison and brother Stefan


            Norma MacMillan

Norma MacMillan was a native of Vancouver, British Columbia,Canada. It was there that she met, worked with and married her producer/manager husband Thor Arngrim.  Arngrim had started the now-legendary, but short-lived Totem Theatre company in 1951. Upon its demise in 1954, he, his partner Stuart Baker, and MacMillan set out for Toronto where Norma landed children-voice roles for CBC. Her versatility in doing a variety of children’s voices manifested itself in the roles she played. On the morning radio she played the more saccharine roles while in the evening her talents were employed for playing, as she described them, the “disturbed children” roles.

Does this sound like child abuse on the set to you?

Allison’s signature “Nellie Oleson curls” were a wig, which were held so tightly to her head that her scalp bled. She often fainted on the Little House on the Prairie (1974) set because the show taped in California’s Simi Valley, where the temperature was routinely 100+ degrees.  *Reminds me of how child actor Shirley Temple learned to accept and talk about abuse on the set… as if it was nothing.

Good friends with Melissa Gilbert.







Alison has the square male jaw, far away eyes.. eyes set further apart; high wide cheekbones, shoulders wider than hips, ring finger longer than index finger, a large mouth, and male brow ridge, straight back, & very long arms

You will always see a pattern with these young SRA children being made to pose provocatively at some point..



Allison is on the national advisory committee of the National Association to Protect Children. She has spoken in the media about her own experiences as a victim of child sexual abuse and helped lobby on behalf of a California law toughening sentences against abusers who victimize family members.

Allison in a scene with actor Eve Plumb, notably known as Jan on The Brady Bunch



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