Kyra Sedgwick & actor Kevin Bacon married on September 4, 1988. Kyra Minturn Sedgwick (born August 19, 1965) is an American actress and producer. She is best known for her starring role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT crime drama The Closer. Sedgwick was born in New York City, the daughter of Patricia (née Rosenwald), a speech teacher and educational/family therapist, and Henry Dwight Sedgwick V, a venture capitalist. Her father was Episcopalian and of English heritage, and her mother was Jewish. Sedgwick has identified herself as Jewish and has stated that she participates in Passover seders.

Kevin Norwood Bacon (born July 8, 1958) is an American actor and musician whose films include musical-drama film Footloose (1984), the controversial historical conspiracy legal thriller JFK (1991), the legal drama A Few Good Men (1992), the historical docudrama Apollo 13 (1995), and the mystery drama Mystic River (2003). Also on television, he starred in the Fox series The Following from 2013 to 2015. Bacon, one of six children, was born and raised in a close-knit family in Philadelphia.[2] His mother, Ruth Hilda taught at an elementary school and was a liberal activist, while his father, Edmund Norwood Bacon was a well-respected architect and a prominent Philadelphian who had been Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for many years.  Bacon has spoken out for the separation of church and state, and told The Times in 2005 that he did not “believe in God”. However, he has also said that he is not anti-religion.

Kevin has the female oval face and the female jaw & Kyra has the square angular male jaw and a larger mouth, while Kevin’s mouth is smaller, along with smaller cheek bones compared to Kyra’s, which are higher and more prominent, like a male, and her throat is enlarged, but I can’t visually see an Adam’s apple.

Kevin’s head looks too large for his body in this photo (below) and his ring finger doesn’t appear to be longer than his index finger.

This is the perfect couple picture to find with both of them together and in swimsuits so you can see the navel differences! Kevin has the lower navel, and is curvy like a female, and some hip action there! While Kyra has the higher navel and appears to have some hips, they could be hip implants so don’t let that throw you off… as Kyra’s shoulders are still wider than the hips.


Kyra has shoulders wider than hips here & toned muscular legs which look male from behind, and of course you can see the male jawline and the abs.

Kevin has curvy indentation, and again, the lower navel position, and he looks bulked up and has an appearance of an Adam’s apple has developed because that’s how they mask their true gender.. with hormones/testosterone and surgeries..


Kevin with ‘Footloose’ costar who has the male jaw and straight hips!

That’s an oval jaw with probably a chin implant too



WENN harmless from any claims, demands, or causes of action arising out of or connected in any way with user's publication of the material. Supplied by WENN Featuring: Kevin Bacon (as Ren McCormack) When: 20 Jan 1984 Credit: WENN

Supplied by WENN
Featuring: Kevin Bacon (as Ren McCormack)
When: 20 Jan 1984
Credit: WENN


There’s no mistaking the male jawline on Kyra and the large red lipstick MTF mouth!

Kyra and Kevin have have two children, Travis Sedgwick (b. 1989) and Sosie Ruth (b. 1992) who is an actor too, and appears to be MTF, just like Kyra. and both have bigger mouths than Kevin too, Travis looks like he could be FTM.



Hellywood is messing with your minds and deceiving you! This looks like a transgendered couple and family to me…




The image of the beast is baphomet:  transgendered. All who worship his image shall at the time of great tribulation be transgendered and transgender.

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