Oval looking jaw and a feminine  face and nose

Joaquín Rafael Phoenix ( born Joaquín Rafael Bottom, October 28, 1974), known formerly as Leaf Phoenix, is an American actor, producer, music video director, musician and activist. Phoenix started his career by appearing in episodes of television shows with his brother River Phoenix and sister Summer Phoenix. His first major film release was in the comedy-drama film Parenthood (1989). During his period as a child actor he was credited as Leaf Phoenix, his self-given name, and later went back to his birth name, Joaquin. Phoenix is a social activist, lending his support to a number of charities and humanitarian organizations. He is also widely known for his animal rights advocacy. He has been a vegan since the age of three, and actively campaigns for PETA and In Defense of Animals.


Phoenix was born Joaquín Rafael Bottom in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, to parents from the U.S. mainland. He is the third of five children, including River (1970–1993), Rain (b. 1972), Liberty (b. 1976) and Summer (b. 1978), all of whom have also acted. He also has a half-sister named Jodean (b. 1964) from a previous relationship of his father’s.

This family looks to be transgendered!

Phoenix’s father, John Lee Bottom, originally from Fontana, California, was a lapsed Catholic, of English, and some German and French, ancestry. Phoenix’s mother, Arlyn (née Dunetz), was born in the Bronx, New York, to Jewish parents whose families emigrated from Russia and Hungary. Arlyn left her family in 1968 and moved to California, later meeting Phoenix’s father while hitchhiking. They married in 1969, then later joined a religious group, the Children of God, and began traveling throughout South America. His parents eventually became disenchanted with the Children of God; they made the decision to leave the group and returned to the U.S. in 1978. They changed their last name to Phoenix, after the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes, symbolizing a new beginning. Around this time, Joaquín began calling himself “Leaf,” desiring to have a nature-related name like his siblings, and inspired by spending time outdoors raking leaves with his father. “Leaf” became the name he used as a child actor, until at age 15, when he changed it back to Joaquin. He first used it as a screen credit in his big comeback film To Die For. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joaquin_Phoenix

Joaquin looks like a little girl in this photo, in my opinion. from the hair, the pose, the oval jaw, the less prominent cheeks, and the lips

The Jaw looks oval female

The hair, ears, the oval face/jaw and sloping shoulders indicate a female, and for me, at first glance, I think this is a girl


Oval face/jaw

Sloping female jaw and less prominent cheeks and fuller female lips!


Joaquin looks very thin and delicate and this is a feminine pose; Shoulders aren’t very wide and look sloped down

Feminine pose which isn’t hard to tell that some pervert handler made this person do! His eyes look squinty; a sign of being drugged or on drugs?


Shoulders don’t appear wider than hips and the navel is lower than the waist; Phoenix looks curvy with some hips.

There’s still a female looking jaw and a large head for the body


Oval face and sloping female shoulders

The jaw is still female looking as well as the cheeks looking less prominent than a male’s. Joaquin has small ears too.


You can see the jaw appears to be formed more angular here, like a male; either due to years of hormones, testosterone or surgery

People have mentioned what looks like a cleft lip on Joaquin. The link below shares more bio and a strange explanation of how he was born with that

Well, here we have another subliminal hint at a RCC priests collar! There seems to be a pattern with many celeb photos and that collar! Even tho this looks like a photo from a movie…It’s a Jesuit thang…


http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001618/bio Contrary to popular belief, the scar on his lip is not the result of a repaired cleft lip or palate. It is simply a birth mark. Phoenix has stated in interviews that, while pregnant with him, his mother felt a sharp pain one day, and he was born with a mark on his lip. What? (This article also shares their version, or details, about River’s death).

Transgendered ‘Phoenix’ family (left) And two brothers, River & Joaquin, who appear to have oval jaws, thus indicating they were born females… and look at how much Joaquin resembles his father, especially the eyes..


River and Joaquin as children. Two sisters?

River Phoenix

Oval jaw and face. River reminds me of Scarlett Johansson for some reason… anyone transvestigating is going to notice how many celebs seem to have features that resemble another celebrity. It’s just weird.

River looks like a girl here, and the pose doesn’t help. Legs spread like “they” make them do… The hair looks girly, and the face is oval and the cheeks look female


Sloping, less angular, oval jaw, face is feminine in my opinion

Just softer looking facial features; the nose, cheeks, lips and hair


The years of hormone treatment have, or had kicked in much more… but still female looking.

Is there any question? This looks like a girl in my opinion.


The only thing lacking as a final touch to this photo is mascara, eyeliner and lipstick! The pose is also feminine. No doubt it was a predator handler idea to pose like that, in all photos!

Looks like a Tomboy. The clothes or top, looks more feminine than masculine attire. Looks like there could be some hips, but it’s hard to tell, however, that female jaw still shows.


I don’t like this pose at all! And whoever made River pose like that, I like even less; giving us a visual effect of being in bondage! To who?

I think Phoenix and River were born as sisters instead of brothers. You can decide for yourselves.


…it’s likely the entire family is transgendered. Mom has huge feet. It’s generational.






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