This is a picture from the movie The Journey of Natty Gann. As a child I was confused of whether Natty was a teenage girl with an older teenage boyfriend, or if Natty was a tween boy with a young adult male that he experimented in homosexual behavior with. Even as a child I thought this was creepy. I didn’t understand why they made the other kid so much older and bigger, and why they both looked so masculine. I also thought that if Natty was a girl it was strange that a a boy would be attracted to her since she looked like a little boy.


This picture is creepy on so many levels. The taller girl looks evil. She also looks masculine a little. She looks much older than the shorter girl as well. Why is an older crossdresser-looking person trying to seduce a teenage girl?? The shorter actress looks like a boy.


This looks like a young man and a little boy on the verge of kissing one another.


If you weren’t told otherwise, wouldn’t you assume this child is a boy?


True, Meredith Salenger looks more feminine when she is next to John Cusack. But, John Cusack was born in 1966 and the movie this was from was made in 1985. So, John Cusack must have been 19 or 20 years old. Yet, Meredith Salenger was born in 1970, so she/he was 4 years younger than Cusack, which makes her about 14 years old. Even if these were two boys, the age difference between them would make the older one much more masculine-looking. I think these are two boys.


Meredith Salenger looks slightly more feminine here. But, even if she is a female, why are they trying to have her appear masculine.


If you take the long hair away can you really tell if you are looking at a boy or a girl?

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MEREDITH BROOKS & SCATMAN CROTHERS Film 'THE JOURNEY OF NATTY GANN' (1985) WALT DISNEY 01/05/1985 SSB7614 ** WARNING** This photograph is the copyright of DISNEY & can only be reproduced by newspaper & magazine tv guides in conjuction with the promotion of the above film. A DISNEY byline must also be printed.

When I was a child I loved the Movie Journey of Natty Gann, because I liked adventure movies, I loved wolves like the one she had in the movie, and I always fantasized about living in in the forest and traveling across the United States to see pretty scenery. But, I remember being confused over half of the movie whether Natty was supposed to be a boy that had a crush on an older boy, or if Natty was a girl that was a tomboy that was living as a male. I couldn’t figure out if it was supposed to be that Natty’s dad didn’t know how to raise a girl alone so he was converting her to a boy or what. I also was sort of creeped out that Natty’s love interest looked so much older. Natty seemed to be between the ages of 12 and 14, but the boy seemed to be between the ages of 17-21. I disliked those aspects of the movie, but still watched it because besides those things it was interesting.

Meredith Salenger

Even though she has gained weight here and her large jaw and cheek bones look more rounded because of the added fat on her face, she still has very strong features. Her neck and ears are huge too.


Look at her massive man jaw.


She looks pretty here, except for the fact that her neck looks extremely large.


She has a huge man’s hand.


What a big square jaw!


She has a pointy bone ridge above her nose that looks like a vein, this is a very masculine characteristic. She has very large cheek bones too. There is a deep indentation that goes from the sides of her forehead, behind her check bones, and down the sides of her jaw around her chin. Very few women have this facial quality, but it is very common in men.


She has large shoulders, with huge fake breasts to try to balance out the disproportionately large shoulders.


Her beauty is based off of fake superficial things. Notice she has very feminine breasts, but they are obviously fake. Her long dyed dark hair is hiding her giant neck and shoulders. Her big forehead. giant ears, big cheek bones, and strong jaw aren’t hidden though.


She looks like China (the transgender wrestler) here.



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