Daniela Ruah

Daniela Sofia Korn Ruah (born December 2, 1983)[2] is a Portuguese-American actress best known for playing NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye in the CBS police procedural series NCIS: Los Angeles. Ruah was born in Boston to Portuguese parents, where her father was a surgeon and her mother an otologist.[3] When Ruah was 5, the family moved back to Portugal,[3] where she attended an English-language school and, at 16, began acting in telenovelas.[4] She won a Portuguese-television dance competition. Her heritage is Jewish, both Sephardic and Ashkenaz.[3] Her father is of Portuguese-Moroccan Jewish ancestry and her mother’s family were Russian-Ukrainian Jews that moved to Portugal.Ruah started acting in Portuguese soap operas when she was a teen. Her first acting role came at 16, when she played Sara on the soap opera Jardins Proibidos (“Forbidden Gardens”). [7]

Ruah has a distinguishable birthmark in her right eye, called the nevus of Ota.[4

Ruah and then fiancé David Paul Olsen, the elder brother and stunt double of Ruah’s NCIS: Los Angeles co-star Eric Christian Olsen,[14]

Well isn’t that interesting? Ruah gets to play the love interest of her real life husband’s brother, as the Kensi character role on NCIS. And Ruah’s real life husband is on the set as his brother’s stunt man who gets to watch. Huh? And he gets to watch?? Keeping it in the family as hellywood does best… How would you like to go to work and see your spouse kissing and loving on your brother or sister while on the job? Wouldn’t that be strange or a problem?



Daniela isn’t shy about holding up that hand symbol; because after all, it’s those who call themselves Jews, but who are not, who will boast with their hand signs and show their loyalty to satan and Baphomet; and it almost looks like there could be a tuck going on in the photo below!


Linda Hunt

Lydia Susanna Hunter (born April 2, 1945), better known by her stage name Linda Hunt, is an American film, stage, and television actress. Hunt was born on April 2, 1945 in Morristown, New Jersey to Raymond Davy Hunter (d. 1985), the vice president of Harper Fuel Oil, and Elsie Doying Hunter (d. ~1994), a piano teacher who taught at the Westport School of Music and performed with the Saugatuck Congregational Church Choir in Westport, Connecticut, where Hunt was raised.

She has one sibling, an older sister named Marcia (b. 1940). As a teenager, Hunt was diagnosed as having hypopituitary dwarfism. A person of short stature, Hunt stands at just 1.45 meters, or 4 feet 9 inches tall.[19]Hunt is an ambassador for the Best Friends Animal Society.[20]



After making her film debut playing Mrs. Oxheart in Popeye (1980), Hunt’s breakthrough came playing the male character Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, becoming the first person to win an Oscar portraying a character of the opposite sex. She has had great success in films such as The Bostonians (1984), Dune (1984), Silverado (1985), Eleni (1985), Waiting for the Moon (1987), She-Devil (1989), Kindergarten Cop (1990), If Looks Could Kill (1991), Rain Without Thunder (1992), Twenty Bucks (1993), Younger and Younger (1993), Prêt-à-Porter (1994), Pocahontas (1995), The Relic (1997), Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998), Dragonfly (2002), Yours Mine and Ours (2005), and Stranger Than Fiction (2006).

This is telling about how they used prosthetics on NCIS to make Linda Hunt look younger in the above photo.

Hunt has also had a successful television career. She played Rose in the television movie Basements (1987) and narrated in the television movie The New Chimpanzees. She guest-starred on Hallmark Hall of Fame in both 1978 and 1987, Space Rangers in 1993, Carnivale in both 2003 and 2005, Without a Trace in 2008, The Unit in 2008, and Nip Tuck in 2009. From 1997 to 2002, Hunt played the recurring role of Judge Zoey Hiller on The Practice. She currently portrays Henrietta “Hetty” Lange on the CBS television series NCIS: Los Angeles, a role she has held since the 2009 debut, for which she has received two Teen Choice Awards.

She is also the narrator in the God of War video game franchise.Hunt has been with psychotherapist Karen Klein since 1978. The two were married in 2008. 



Here is an interview with CBS Sunday Morning that Linda Hunt did, and where s/he told about how s/he was treated like a man by hotel staff when filming the movie The Year of Living Dangerously.

But how alarming it must be if Linda was actually born a male and then made to play a male part and then finds it abhorrent to be mistaken for a man? Hence, we know it’s not the first time a celebrity has played the role of portraying the opposite sex and won an award, or an Oscar for it. It happens at every award show and people are just waking up to this transgender/sex change deception. Many indeed are MTF’s or FTM’s to begin with, since so many had their sex changed as child. And apparently this is part of the deception of what fame, fortune and becoming celebrity entails or requires… But how sad, and again, I cannot tell, or say definitively, if Hunt were born a male; but how sad that it would upset this person so much if born a male, and made a MTF and doesn’t even realize it! Or to simply just deny this if you do know and understand how this rolls in a generational satanist family. This would have to be traumatizing to be able to portray the character of a male so convincingly, if you identified with being a female, but who was actually born a male that was transgendered. Because there is trauma and mk ultra mind control involved in this process. Anyway, in the video below it begins at 3:42 minutes in where they talk about how Linda was so convincing as a man, and why audiences didn’t believe the credits when they saw Linda was a supposed female. Again, there aren’t enough photos to say definitively to prove without a doubt that Linda is a MTF; but it sounds like this person may be an ‘A’ list actor with being given so many roles in film and television, and so it makes this person highly suspect.

And, actor Chris O’Donnell is also a fellow cast member of the CBS hit series NCIS Los Angeles, but I won’t get started on Scent of a Woman.. Hoo-ah! Nah, I’m not going there.. However, O’Donnell did play a character role in Two and a Half Men as a FTM.


The image of the beast is baphomet:  transgendered. All who worship his image shall at the time of great tribulation be transgendered and transgender.

Revelation 13:15-18 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.  

We speak in our rights of free speech and personal opinion. The personal opinion of each transvestigator is not deemed nor stated to be held by any other individual or the owner of this site. We are exposing the global initiative of the 666 beast system to transgender the global population. It's the baphomet satanic illuminati NWO transgender agenda.