Hollywood and the music industry are chock full of couples who want to have rights to be married as same sex couples, and who profess to be fighting for those rights to advance the world view of what a marriage should be. But here, we find that many couples not only confess to be lesbians, but, we may begin to see that they may not be the gender/sex that they profess to be. There’s a reason why so many of these actors, actresses, and rock star women tend to look so naturally “butch”. These performers may have more than one kind of performance they have to pull off!


Linda Perry, former member of the rock band 4 Non Blondes. They are known for their hit single “What’s Up?” Perry left the band in1994 to begin a solo career.

Here, let’s take a closer look and you can decide:

This is singer/songwriter Linda Perry (left) who is best known as a member in the rock band “4 Non Blondes”. Perry married actor Sara Gilbert in March of 2014. Gilbert is best known for her role as a tomboyish Darlene on the 80’s sitcom “Roseanne”. Gilbert currently co-host’s on CBS’s daytime show “The Talk”. Gilbert is also the sister of actress Melissa Gilbert, best known for her role of Laura Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie”. In February 2015, Sara “reportedly” gave birth to a baby boy.    rs_634x1024-150112134820-634-Sara-Gilbert-JR-11215sara-gilbert-linda-perry                                   Sara-Gilbert-and-Linda-Perry-got-married


rs_634x1024-150221145803-634_SGilbert-jmd-022115                    Linda+Perry+Arrivals+MTV+Movie+Awards+Part+3YxMb3bbCs5l                    gilbert-perry-songwriters-hall-of-fame-2015-02

Above, we can see the couple out for a stroll, and here we can note their legs and midsections, which are not proportionate, probably due to male hormone treatment, and thus their legs appear to be stunted in growth…also note their wide shoulders and Sara’s straight hips. There appears to be square jawlines and a larger head. Hence, what we see in the photo (above), aren’t two professed lesbian women, but they are actually two transgender males and a baby. But either way, this isn’t looking good!



Gilbert is shown here, (right) with co-host Sharon Osborne of CBS’s The Talk.  Notice Sharon’s jawline. So, let’s start talking!

(Below) A tomboyish Sara as Darlene on “Rosanne”

21009613_20130531105522042_jpg-r_640_600-b_1_D6D6D6-f_jpg-q_x-xxyxx            Sara with Rosanne: Her jawline appears to be questionable as well…1407280648_rosanne-barr-sara-gilbert-article

More Sara Gilbert Photos:

sara8             Sara+Gilbert+Heads+Hills+2CcnDDtchGNl      images2F55KF39

              images33VLY5AY              Sara-gilbert-001imagesVCC45PM0

More Linda Perry photos:

08fd389a61e343525f19fcd61861acf8      images imagesTNT39G8P LindaPerry                            untitled

  Again, you decide…

Sara+Gilbert+Linda+Perry+Out+Stroll+zETwdRgMl7OlSo, what’s up? Is this a transgendered band?

More to come…  


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