SITE NOTICE December 30, 2016 by Apostle Laura Lee


December 30, 2016

I have received $160 allocated towards the site. I have received enough to pay approximate cost of hosting and domain name for this site.

  • In December 2016, I paid the $19 renewal cost for one of the professional program specifically for this site (so there’s no upcoming bill on that).
  • I learned that a professional program that is due and payable in two weeks that I thought was $200 is only $60 for lowered renewal cost. I split that cost 4 ways between 4 sites.  Instead of $50 cost per site it is $15.  I paid that last nite (so there’s on upcoming bill on that).
  • Another professional program due in May 2017 that lists for $200 first year (that I already have on this site), the renewal cost is only $100.  Instead of $50 it is $25 (split 4 ways between 4 sites). May is 5 months away, so there’s no time pressure to pay that.
  • The professional theme on this site is $89 a year split 4 ways between 4 sites.  That is $22 to this site due next week.  I have that bill set up on auto pay, so I won’t concern myself with paying that early. They’ll take the money automatically out of my account next week when due.
  • There are other professional programs on this site. I’ve listed above the most notable expenses. I will put the remainder on my giving and expense log. Please see below.

I created a giving and expenses log on my site. So, in the future, I will refer over to that page to review costs and giving.  And, for example, the cost of the $100 professional program due in May, I would hope to have paid in March or April and will put over there on that log.

I did receive specifically allocated enough funds to pay the approximate cost of hosting and domain name for

I will need to figure out how to fundraise specifically for myself and the authors on this site for the work we do on the site.  I insist that the body of Christ give towards the support of those doing the work of the ministry.  The Bible says so.  The workman is worthy of his wages.  The whole body of Christ would be blessed in what is produced and the truth knowing level of the body of Christ at large, if every single one of these authors who passionately continues to write on this site was paid as an author. Then each one could be freed up to dedicate their time to work on this site. They could additionally do freelance writing even elsewhere with no financial/schedule constraints pressed upon them by daily living.

We want to see the Kingdom advance, progress, and develop… not stagnate.  So ministries and those doing the work must be supplied.

The body of Christ needs this watchmen information… and every author on the site who has continued in the work here evidences a direct call from God to do the work.  So, I am going to have a strong focus on doing my part to see to it that these authors are paid and can answer a call to be authors and speakers to whatever level the Lord calls them to those level works. I mean it.  I’m serious.  I feel passionately about it.

These authors are growing in gifts and talents and secure confidence in writing and speaking.  They should be supplied and sent forth to do the work of the ministry in the mighty name of Jesus.  That’s how this Kingdom of Jesus Christ works and grows as laborers are sent forth into the harvest.

Personally, I hit a wall and changed my site where I have my books to a stated price to download my ebooks rather than free download plus donate as moved.  And I do believe that work will take off soon.  As an author, I know the work that goes into producing work and that when the work is produced… there is some form of call on someone’s life to write (and usually in addition to writing to speak).

Powerful spiritual warfare in prayer, evangelism, and calls to sanctification and separation from the world are moving out of the revelation by the watchmen on the wall of this baphomet satanic illuminati new world order transgender agenda.

This is a work worthy of Kingdom support, the workman is worthy of his wages, and we will trust God to supply income for the site authors here in 2017.

Thank you to those who have given and God bless you!

Apostle Laura Lee

This website is a Kingdom Nation ministry of the Church of Philadelphia under the direct authority of the Lord Jesus Christ – God and King over all creation. This is a Membership Site. Login here. Register here.

Please see our Terms of Service. God bless you!

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